Louisiana’s Rogue Sheriffs by Tom Aswell

Louisiana’s Rogue Sheriffs by Tom Aswell

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The late Louisiana political writer John Maginnis wrote that only two elected offices really mattered in Louisiana: governor and sheriff. That much power can lead to abuses which often go unreported. Until now. Tom Aswell has peeled back the layers of corruption to expose the dark side of law enforcement in Louisiana. A few examples:

A sheriff was indicted by a federal grand jury for physical and mental abuse of African American prisoners in his jail, only to be acquitted, though several of his deputies were convicted.

A sitting sheriff was sentenced to federal prison following his conviction of drug trafficking.

A former sheriff is said to have been a bag man for Mafia boss Carlos Marcello.

A current sheriff obtained a warrant to raid the home of an internet blogger whose only offense was posting remarks critical of the sheriff.

A sheriff defeated for reelection planted a bomb that blew off the foot of his successor.

And More.